Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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This home maintenance schedule explains what to do, how often and clearly shows how much you can save. Email reminders make home maintenance easier than ever.
Your Required & Recommended Maintenance List for Home, Car, Lawn, & Garden
  • Learn, Organize, Manage and Keep Track--For Free
    myhomechannel.org creates your customized list based upon your needs and provides it to you in one centralized, easy to access, easy to remember location.

Email Alert Reminders
  • We Know You Haven't Forgotten... But Just as a Quick Reminder
    Reminder emails are generated from your account and offer added protection for your personal property and home environment. Print them and they create your own customized to-do list.

Save Money
  • Living Smarter Saves Money
    Improved mpg, lower energy costs, greater efficiency and good advice, all help save money. myhomechannel.org makes it easy to get focused and keep track of it all.

Shopping List
  • An Interactive Grocery List For The Whole Family
    Anyone can add to the grocery list from any computer...This means fewer trips to the grocery store. Just click print and your list is prepared.

Information Resources and "How-To" Guides & Articles
  • Your Home Information and Resource Center
    We are constantly adding to our information center to provide you with tips and techniques for home maintenance and repair, lawn repair, car maintenance and more.

Green Tips and Articles
  • Go Green
    myhomechannel.org is all about learning, the value of resourcefulness, good routines and protecting your largest investments, but you'll also learn Green Tips and green ideas that may launch a whole new lifestyle.

Local Weather, Local News, Breaking News
  • Local Weather, Local News and Breaking News
    Your home's "information center" also keeps you informed about what's going on in the world around you.

Scoring System
  • Score Points
    Points awarded based on difficulty and service item importance for home maintenance, car maintenance, and lawn maintenance lists. Receive 100 points for registration. Great for your own motivation or friendly competition with other members.

Easy Tracking and Automatic Scheduling
  • Save Money, Protect Your Home, Grow Greener Grass and Get Better Gas Mileage
    Know exactly when your next service is due...with a simple click of the mouse you update your records. No need for writing, or trying to remember to become more efficient.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance Due Display System
  • Find Out What's
    Due With Just a Quick Glance

    When items are due, their service date turns red. You can't miss them. Myhomechannel.org makes timely maintenance easy. Green grass, lower energy costs living green & improved gas mileage will follow.

  • Organizing 101: Time, Place, and Value
    myhomechannel.org includes tips, ideas and schedules to help daily life and routines make more sense.

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