Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Increase the Value of Your Home with Landscaping and Curb Appeal
by Andi Chrisman


The financial significance of proper lawn care is no more evident than when comparing home sale prices or homes with and without good landscaping and curb appeal.


Average Increase: $15,050 - $32,250

Landscaping is a great way to increase your homeŐs value, comparable to a new kitchen or bathroom renovation. According to the U.S. Homeowner Landscaping, Lawn Care and Tree Care Survey, conducted by the Gallup Organization, landscaping can add between 7% and 15% increase to your home's value.


Average Increase: $8,600 - $22,016

A study Clemson University confirmed these findings, comparing equivalent homes with "excellent", "good", and "average" landscaping. The homes with "excellent" landscaping expected a sale price 6-7% higher than the lawns with a "good" rating. Similar results showed that homes with "good" landscaping improved sale value by 4-5% versus homes with an "average" rating.


82% percent of realtors who have lost a sale because of bad exteriors

Realtors all over the country are suggesting that their clients improve the look of their landscaping. Even if your home is perfect on the inside, a bad view from the outside can literally turn people away. An amazing "82% of surveyed agents have had potential buyers decline to look at the interior of a house due to its exterior appearance," according to the survey Real Estate Agent Community Trends (REACT).


Start Early for the Best Results
In a tight fiscal market where itŐs becoming harder and harder to sell your home, improving the look of your lawn, garden, and exterior is no longer a luxury you can pass up. Landscaping, especially when you do it yourself, is one of the best return on investments available to homeowners. The earlier you begin your regular lawn maintenance the better, so even if you arenŐt planning on selling your home yet, you should be working on increasing the value of your home before that day comes.

*Figures based on median sales in Q2 2009 in the Mid-Atlantic (VA-MD-NC) area.




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